My life has always been marked by dedication to the sport.

After seven years of practicing skating one day my dad brought home a racing bike. Seeing it was like love at first sight!

Aroused in me an illusion that I carry with love and care each day, I set out to be the best rider of my country and work for it every day. The love for this sport, my dream, my passion and my dedication put into every practice, every race and competition.

My dream is to be part of a professional team, participating in international competitions, bringing all my talents, virtues, skills and dedication to the team, always seeking the best results and working with dedication and discipline to keep growing.
I am currently a runner Elite League Cycling Bogota, national champion of the "Race of the Future 2015," I am part of "Pedal Cycling Team" under 23 and in January 2016 I had my first international participation in the third edition of the Tour Women's San Luis in Argentina.

I look back to learn and grow. I look forward because I know only good things waiting for me and the best is yet to come !!